Product Development

Eagle Copters is dedicated to providing time and resources to product development for the industry and will continue to strive to provide innovative helicopter solutions for its customers. If there is a requirement in the industry/market and the economics supports the initiative Eagle Copters will take on the challenge. Some customers require a helicopter that has a specific requirement or rating in order to perform the unique mission. Eagle Copters has created a department that focuses on these specific mission requirements. With the experience and knowledge Eagle Copters has obtained over the last 40 years in the industry, it has the resources and manpower to create innovative helicopter solutions for the industry, such as the Eagle Single and Eagle 407HP. Both of these projects were engineered, tested, approved and certified based an the industry requirement.

Eagle Copters brings many years of experience to the development of its manufacturing capabilities and products. The manufacturing department plays a major role in supporting Eagle's Product Development, such as the 407HP program. We also support the overhaul and repair market in aviation tooling, specializing in manufacturing and recalibration of Bell Helicopter repair fixtures. Our employees pride themselves in quality and attention to detail, which reflects throughout our company.