Air Shasta Accepts Delivery of Their First Eagle 407HP

Calgary, Alberta, Canada July 2017

Eagle is proud to deliver its tenth 407HP to Air Shasta. Having just completed Eagle’s first 407HP conversion in Australia last month, Eagle is back with another milestone HP conversion at their Calgary facility. Powered by the next generation Honeywell HTS900 engine, the Eagle 407HP redefines the capabilities of a utility helicopter. With over 30 years of experience in helicopter tours, sales, maintenance, flight training and charter services, Air Shasta, located in Redding, CA is a leading helicopter service provider for the North West United States.

Casey Ross, Air Shasta VP Operations mentioned “ While operating in hot and high conditions in northern California, increased performance becomes a requirement to fulfill missions. We are confident that the Eagle 407HP will give us that competitive edge.” “We expect that the Eagle 407HP’s additional performance will afford us the opportunity to win more contracts as we expand our firefighting and utility offering”, said President and Chief Pilot, Dave Everson. Air Shasta plans to take advantage of the increased payload in firefighting, wildlife, and utility contracting. “We are finding that the demand for our Eagle 407HP conversion is continuing to grow,” said Tyler Williams, Regional Sales Manager, Eagle Copters. “We are confident that the 407HP will continue to execute as class leader when it comes to high altitude performance, while accomplishing significant fuel and maintenance savings.”For more information visit us at