EAGLE Leasing

Eagle currently has a lease fleet deployed around the world with various international lease arrangements. The lease fleet is comprised of Bell light & medium, Helicopter AS350's and Sikorsky S76 helicopters. The lease fleet is maintained by Eagle Copters Maintenance, with capabilities that range from structures to final paint.

If owning a helicopter is not in the budget nor the model you wish to use, Eagle is more than happy to lease one to you. Eagle Leasing provides leasing opportunities for new and used helicopters. Leasing terms and conditions are customized to fit individual situations and are looked at on a case by case basis.

Please email leasing@eaglecopters.com or phone 1-800-564-6469 with leasing inquires.


Bell 212HP

Year 1976

Serial Number 30766

ACTT 14,385 Hrs.

Specification Sheet

Component Specs Available
Upon Request